Tistalents is owned by Tamfitronics, and is aimed at linking people all over  the world with diverse skills and innovations to collaborate effectively.
Most conveniently we work for ourselves rather than stay stuck in the world game of working for others our entire lives. But we are often limited by sponsorship (pecuniary constraint) and do not nurture our inherent talents to move past the normal; beyond the work-for, and seek-for-employment paradigm.
Tistalents, How it Works

 This platform is indeed  a paradigm shift  for all ladies and gentlemen that will change your lives from rag to riches. It virtually connects people needing jobs done with others willing to do them. It is simple; register to participate; showcase your talents and skills, or hire someone or a group with the skill you require for your project(s).
If you are equally talented in any field please showcase your talents here for people to hire you. You should contest/participate by showing off a demonstration of your skill for easy hiring.

You should only participate in the field/categories in which you are very much skilled, as indicated in categories; photo, video, article, seo, computer, electrical, make-up, car (auto) repairs, construction,  etc.
Invite friends to vote for your work so you can move up the level, and they too can participate.

Creating a new Service

You can start here to post a service. That is what YOU CAN DO for people to pay for, or what you want to sell to people, simply put. Services such as Building Design, SEO Traffic, Articles, Photo , Video Production, to mention a few. Follow the instructions on the form and enter details as required.

You can also bid for  projects or tasks and win bid to execute a project or render services based on the task request if you win the bid.

Creating a new Task

You can start here to post a task. That is what you  WANT people to do for you, or a project yo want to execute. Tasks such as Building Design, SEO Traffic, Articles, Photo , Video Production, Business Plans, Programming, etc. that you  need the services of other experts.  Follow the instructions on the form and enter details as required.

Virtual Banking (Escrow) Feature

With the credit system of escrow,  the gig owner will deposit virtual money into escrow for the bid winner, until he/she completes the task. After that the escrow is released, the bid winner will have the funds in his account, ready for requesting a withdrawal from the admin of the site; subject to formal confirmation by both parties for fairness.

Our system has a refund system if you are not satisfied with any services rendered by freelancers, experts or groups as the case may be. Complete payment can only be made if both parties agree and confirm delivery of services, project, task or good(s).

Multiple Payment Gateways

Currently we supports PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Payza, bank direct deposit and Moneybookers / Skrill; we hope to expand our payment gateways to include iDeal (Dutch), iDeal Mollie, Sisow, Payfast, Quickpay and

Email Communication

Users get email notifications, when you post a proposal, they get outbid, when they get new proposals posted for their gigs or when they receive private messages. Email notifications are enabled for freelancers gig owners, professionals and job seekers, when they have received payments for their work. The best feature here: users can signup for certain categories and they can get an email notification when a task / project is posted in their interest area.

Percent (%) fee per Task/Service

We charge only 2% percent fee out of each task/gig that is done through Tistalents website; the best you can get. This can be taken directly through PayPal (using adaptive chained payments) or through the credits system, or maybe through some other payment method (payment gateways) that we have integrated.

If you want your project or service featured, featured listing fees apply (a flat rate of $1.99) per task and/or service; also the cheapest you can get comparatively. You can upload only three (3) free images. If you want more images displayed on your task/project or services, then an extra charge of $0.10 per image applies at a maximum of 10 images total.

Private Messaging

This tool will help our users (freelancers, job seekers and gig providers), to better communicate through a safe system without revealing each other’s personal information, and keep all activity under Tistalents, and also keeping you in control over the transactions. You are in total control of the private messages.

Feedback and Rating System

Freelancer and service providers rate each other after each completed job/project, gig/service, and each user has his/her own general feedback for the other users to see. Then the rating of each user is displayed next to their username by little 5 star rating icons. Also the rating is displayed in user profile and in bidding tables.

Digital Goods

At Tistalents freelancers and job/project, gig/service owners can exchange digital downloadable files. You can exchange files and complete the task. You can attach office files, zip and rar archives, or vector format images. Even students can exchange files with their tutors.

Tistalents, How it Works

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