So much happens during the summer months that it can be difficult to
capture it all. But you have to try anyway, if you are going to make a
photo book with a summer theme. The first thing you have to do is to get
in the habit of having your camera with you at all times and to use it.
Get a large memory stick and make a habit of loading its contents onto
your computer on a regular basis. That way you can snap away without
ever having to worry that you are going to run out of room.

And snap away you should. The more photos you take, the better you will
get at it, and the more you will have to choose from when you are
putting your book together. When you are shooting your pics, make sure
that you get plenty of photos of the people in your life, of course
(both candid and posed) but do the best you can to make sure that you
also get lots of shots of the natural beauty of summer. Take some walks
around the neighborhood, or to some parks, the beach or the mountains,
and get some shots there. You will find that the more photos you take,
the more you take on the mindset of a photographer, and the more ideas
you will get for good photos.

As stated above, there are so many things that happen in the summer that
are photo worthy that you might have a hard time choosing what to
include in your book. This is a good thing. It is better to have too
much material than to have not enough. Vacations, little league games,
barbecues, impromptu gatherings, going down to the ol’ swimming hole;
these are all great photographic fodder, and you should do the best you
can to capture them all.


If you have room in your pocket for your digital camera, you can also
make room for a little notebook. This will help you to write great
captions for your photos, and you can also just jot down thoughts and
ideas, or funny stories as they happen or as they occur to you. If you
are not big on writing, you can take a look around online or in some
books for great summer quotes. You can also get some help from friends
for this part. A little bit of text here and there will help tie the
book together.

Arranging and Designing:

There are lots of ways to do this, but the easiest is probably to find a
template online and download it. However if you are adept at using
programs such as InDesign, all the better! MS Word and Pagemaker can
also help you in this regard.

When you are arranging the book, there are a number of ways to look at
things. You could do a simple month by month retrospective, create some
chapters based on the types of activities (parties, hikes, etc.), or
simply grab some of your best photographs and arrange them randomly with
bits of text. DO whatever feels rightArticle Search, and let your creativity guide

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