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F-15C from the Air National Guard 144th Fighter Wing, Fresno
video camera
Image by Jeff Sullivan (
I captured these three runs up a canyon by Panamint Valley on Monday morning, April 11, 2016. In the 2 hour period from 9:50 am to 11:50 am on Monday, jets made eight passes, usually in pairs.

Around 11:20 am, two of the jets made two passes in one direction, then two more in the other. The lead jet cut the last three runs short to pop up out of the canyon right next to me, losing 2/3 of the canyon length on an eastward run. This video is three of those runs. Somehow I had the video camera switched to still photography for one of the runs, so I missed one.

This was my first attempt at capturing the jets on video. They were pretty tough to follow when they were close, so I’ll shoot a little wider next time.

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Video Camera Abstraction (pingnews)
video camera
Image by
Image by PINGNews

Jumping Rope
video camera
Image by danceinthesky
Orna Portugaly (IL)
Daphna Talithman (IL)
Sharon Younger (IL)
The children’s game of jump rope is transferred into the world of computers, whereby the user’s skill at jumping rope determines the course of a film narrative. Two projection surfaces arranged facing each other display a figure jumping rope and invite the installation visitor to join in. The user’s success or failure is evaluated by a video camera equipped with motion-tracking technology. The results trigger reactions on the part of the figures to the actions of the visitor.

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