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Making Use of Certain Options They Reveal to Us: From the Series, “Chase Alias’ Esoterically Speaking Causes his Reclusively Being, 2010-2012
camera video
Image by Chase Alias
Holden Vance III becomes Lian Glick as he attempts to visually and conceptually reinterpret the words and idea of this conceptual artist from his spoken word album "An Idea Just Out of Reach", 2009

My work is a constant reorganization of the nature of an ideological base. This does not mean that I am against Conceptual Art. It’s just that I’m working within the influence of their legacy and making use of certain options they revealed for us. -Lian Glick, Conceptual Art, An Idea Just Out Of Reach, 2009, Lian Glick and Bidage Commerz

Chase Alias aka David S Pollack hopes to bring to light with his new series, "Chase Alias’ Esoterically Speaking Causes his Reclusively Being, 2010-2012", attempts to convey just how backwards moving our cultural standards seem feels to Chase. As a self portrait photographer he look back in envy at the freedoms which artists used to be able to express themselves without having to worry about cultural and even legal action being taken against them.

HDR Video Still form an HD Video Screen Capture, Originally Filmed with an HD Flip Camera

Chicago Video Art
camera video
Image by Andreas Koppe

DV136Z8 Digital Video Camera
camera video
Image by LarimdaME
Global New Beginnings Inc DV136Z8 Digital Video Camera, better known as the free camcorder Staples gives you if you buy of stuff

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