Some cool video camera images:

Death of the consumer camera
video camera
Image by kevin dooley
I was watching a video about the death of the consumer camera, by Tony Northrup ( While higher end DSLRs continue to sell, sales of the midrange DSLR and other consumer digitals have plummeted. This image is the image of how most people in the world take photos now.

Phone photographers get good quality and convenience, and get access to apps now that are only available on a phone, and simple access to social media like Snapchat or Instagram that DSLRs users don’t.

The thing that excites me the most about phone photography are the apps that we will see in the next few years, I think that space is still largely underdeveloped.

Times Square II
video camera
Image by OmegaESP
New York City – The U.S. – Highly Recommended On Black

Taken a few minutes before a policeman told me about the prohibition of taking pictures with a tripod in Times Square. "You cannot record video without permission", "errr, this is not a video camera, it’s only a SLR camera"… "yes, but you can’t use a tripod here, sir"… "ok". End of discussion (lol).

Later, with another pic, I discovered that this prohibition extends to almost every place in NY 🙁

La hice unos minutos antes de que un policía me dijese que está prohibido hacer fotos con trípode en Times Square. "No puedes grabar vídeo sin permiso", "err, esto no es una cámara de vídeo, es sólo una cámara SLR (reflex)"… "sí, pero no puede usar un trípode aquí, señor"…"ok". Fin de la discusión (lol).

Más tarde, con otra foto, descubrí que esta prohibición se extiende a casi cada lugar de NY 🙁

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