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1v1v1: Two

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1v1v1: Two

1v1v1: Two 2400 1200 1v1v1: Two is the direct sequel to 1v1v1: Reloaded. Grab a couple of friends and sit down on the couch to play this three-player game, all on one keyboard! 1v1v1: Two comes with ten playable characters and twelve playable maps, with more coming all the time! v1.2.0.0: The Swamplands! One new character: Swampy! His Gunk Chunker throws balls of gunk into the air! Four new maps added: Swampland: A marsh with trees surrounding dilapidated buildings. Temple: A symmetrical pyramid. Treehouse: A CQC area with little cover inside a tree. Overflow: A water treatment plant with four main platforms. Player One Controls: W Jump // A Move Left // D Move Right // Q Shoot Player Two Controls:I Jump // J Move Left // L Move Right // U Shoot Player Three Controls:UP ARROW Jump // LEFT ARROW Move Left // RIGHT ARROW Move Right // INSERT Shoot mobile


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