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Chess Opening practice windows software

Posted on: Saturday May 5 , 3:49 AM , 2018
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Task Description

I Need a chess opening practice windows software I want to giving the chess moves (my repertoire) for both sides (black and white) Example how should work: If I choose the white side and making an e4 move and earlier I gave to the software that there is 3 different moves to e4 like e5, d5, c5, then the software should choosing randomly between the gave moves. In this case on the second move there is 3 different opportunities (gave moves) depending on the black’s first move. If I haven Nf3 for the e5 move, then I must to move that. If I make any other move, then the software should making a bip error sound and don’t allow any other moves. And thats all. Please make sure that I can giving the moves database easily, because I want to give around 10,000 or more moves which I want to learn with this software. Please use this style for chess set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1SMnU0NeOs I hope you understand what I want and you can do it.

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